Gleb Tsipursky’s Patreon SNAFU 3

I like Gleb, however that doesn’t excuse his latest behavior when it comes to posting interviews from other shows on his patreon and profiting off of other people’s works. We have Andrew Torrez on to talk with us about how legal or not what he did was.

It pretty much boils down to some shows needing to have set in stone copyrights in place.

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3 thoughts on “Gleb Tsipursky’s Patreon SNAFU

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      Gleb, thank you for being a good sport about this all. Offense was never intended if any content seemed curt.

      I’m very thankful that you’ve been so forthright about all of the comments, concerns, and commentary. Most people double down on their mistakes, glad to see that you have the fortitude and wherewithal to own it and try and fix the issue. Bravo.

      • Gleb Tsipursky

        I didn’t think any offence was meant, and thanks for the good words about my response. I try hard to realize when I make mistakes and improve my behavior. Of course, I prefer to avoid making the mistakes in the first place 😉 But if I do, I own up to my mistakes and address the issue.