Know Your Enemy #3 – Jim Bakker

Originally published 16 January 2017. Since it’s now officially past the one-year threshold we now present it to you! If you want to hear more episodes of this type of content, please consider supporting the show via Patreon.

The original text from Patreon follows below:

Mr. Bakker is an amazing person. Don’t get me wrong, you can be in awe of someone and still think they’re a terrible human being and Jim is exactly that kind of subject, one perfect for lampooning on this month’s episode.

Yes, we are talking exactly about THAT Jim Bakker, the one that raped Jessica Hahn, the one that had a bible theme park, the one that oversold timeshare memberships to parishioners, the one that now does a daily show in Branson Missouri, the same asshole that is an ex-felon…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Join X, Kyle, and Geoff as we go through his history, where he came from, and who he pissed off along the way.

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