Secret Patron Show #37 – God Everywhere

Since it’s now officially past the six month threshold we now present it to you…in all of its dated glory. If you want to hear this content fresh, please consider supporting the show via Patreon.

The original text from Patreon follows below:

I know we should have some sort of moratorium on Glenn Beck, really I do, sometimes it’s just too damn easy with this guy…but this week we couldn’t help it.

For some reason he sees the hand of God in everything these days but especially so when it comes to the founding fathers (which is really strange) and the documents that framed this country (which X finds super duper gross). He starts off with something about the 6-day-war in Israel and how it was an obvious sign of divine intervention that had NOTHING to do with a greater military force conquering some other peoples. NOTHING.

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