Secret Patron Show #77 – Christian Cannibalism

Originally published 16 April 2017. Since it’s now officially past the six month threshold we now present it to you…in all of its dated glory. If you want to hear this content fresh, please consider supporting the show via Patreon.

The original text from Patreon follows below:

This week Felicia and X bring you an audio clip from Kevin Swanson. You might remember him as the feces and sackcloth/ashes rant from a little while back when he was relaying a story to his congregation about what he’d do if one of his kids ended up being gay…you know, the same pastor who said that the penalty for homosexuality is death, not his word…GOOOOODDDDSSS WORRRRDDD, yeah that guy.

Well, this episode we have a clip from his show where he says to other pastors out there (and he’s super mad about this) that they should resign if their family turns out to be gay. Yep, the Christians are continuing to cannibalize themselves more and more each week.

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