Utah Outcasts #134 – Buzzfeed’s Milo Article

Hey everyone welcome to Wednesday, we certainly hope your week is going well. We’ve got a great episode for you to enjoy so come along with Kyle, X, and Felicia as we go over the following:



We decided to take on a huge topic this week and it’s deeper than we can dedicate time towards on the show each week. So trust us when we hit some of the more salient points of the huge article from Buzzfeed News that discusses the AT LENGTH incestuous relationship that Bannon/Mercer/Milo/Breitbart shared in the last year or so.

Alright folks that’s all we got for you as far as NEW content, on Friday we will be releasing our Secret Patron Show from about 6 months back which will be fresh to those who aren’t patrons but considering how dated it is, why not give a buck a month and save yourself the anguish of not knowing what’s coming next? We’ll be back again on Monday with a new episode for you all to enjoy. Catch you then!

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