Utah Outcasts #143 – Oh Shut Up Gohmert

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Monday, it sucks that the week begins again but at least we’re still alive right? Has anyone seen President Trump? Oh wait he’s in Asia, so you’ll have to forgive us NOT doing a Trump Roundup this week as we’re working on balancing it out. Details soon.

Anyways, we hope you are all doing well, your favorite cast is back in full working order. That’s right we have Felicia, Kyle, and X back once again to get your workweek started the right way.

Join us as we go over the following topics:


We sure hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to come back on Wednesday for your second helping of the Utah Outcasts!

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OPENING SONGAKnewGod “Break the Veil” used with permission
CLOSING SONG – The Protomen “The Trooper”

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