Utah Outcasts #147 – Friar Bread

Sometimes I giggle to myself about how clever I am making episode titles, it’s not everyday that you get to put a double entendre in one. Alright, let’s get down to business shall we? It’s the recovery week post Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean that we get to rest on our laurels, the Outcasts (Kyle, Felicia, and X) were busy at work this weekend bringing you some of the freshest podcasting we can.

Join us as we go over the following topics:



It’s week 44 of the Trump Roundup and can you imagine a sitting president of the United States actually having a goddamned Black Friday Sale? Well ours did. Not only that but he this weekend decided to make an issue with Time magazine about becoming their “person of the year” for 2017.

One thing that’s great is that it appears that Michael Flynn has rolled over to the Mueller side as his lawyers have now decided to quit communicating with the Trump lawyer team…which highly suggest that he has flipped on defending the current administration in favor of saving his own ass or at least the ass of his kid who is also in trouble.

We sure hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to come back on Wednesday for your second helping of the Utah Outcasts!

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