Utah Outcasts #70 – Mormon Furniture

Holy crap people do we have a show for you this week, with a huge week of news to get through as well as some amazing clips on Fun With Real Audio we can’t wait to share it all with you. In fact let’s get started. On this week’s episode of the Utah Outcasts:

News You Missed – Ben Carson has been picking up bad behavior from Trump when it comes to women, Rush Limbaugh thinks that consent is a BAD THING, Good guy China wants to stop religious Uighur extremists, Mike Pence gives a big SHUUUUUSH to revolution talk, The New Mexico GOP is trying to scare voters, and finally our Trump Roundup for the week including one that sent Kyle on a giggle fit for a bit.

You Oughta Know – There have been a lot of leaks coming from someone in the LDS church that really wants non-mormons and current members to know how deep the rabbit hole goes as well as how much money is being wasted on unnecessary things like a $17,000 rug in the bridal room. The leaks also cover how much is being spent on their Mormon.org website, and finally how long the church keeps track of your records. It’s super disgusting.


Fun With Real Audio – Dave Daubenmire is a misogynistic asshole, Jesse Lee Peterson is way too easy of a target to make fun of, Rick Scarborough is a contradiction…don’t Christians want the apocalypse?, Mike Pence still wants to end abortion by any means necessary.

Main Topic – It boils down to two things this week, if someone says they’re a victim of assault and they open up to you about it, just believe them…and consent is everything.

Highs For The Week – We go a bit more melancholy this week but still worth hearing as X talks about his coworker crushing his expectations of reality, and Kyle is slowly starting to move past his father’s death.

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