Utah Outcasts #77 – Xmas Warfare

Hey everybody! We’ve got an action-packed, and filled to the brim episode for you all to enjoy this week. We have X, Kyle, and Felicia going through the usual weekly segments with an extra special “The Geekery” as we go over why you should be watching Westworld.
So join us as we go through the following:

NEWS YOU MISSED – We list the damage that Trump could have on the LGBTQ community on day one of his presidency, Bill Donohue has been stalking the FFRF lately, Christian mom loses her shit on Cover Girl guy, the FFRF has mounted their secular nativity and “no gods” sign in Wisconsin, American Atheists reveal their 2016 billboards, the KKK is hesitant to embrace Alt-Right because of their lack of Christianity.

THE GEEKERY – Peter Parker’s new suit in Spider Man Homecoming, Broadway will be getting Harry Potter and the Cursed Child sometime in spring of 2018, Rogue One tickets are one sale and we ask who has theirs, Hideo Kojima’s new game looks amazing, there’s a new Shovel Knight game coming woo hoo, we talk about releasing theatrical run movies at home for expanded costs, and finally we talk all things Westworld with tons of spoilers.

FUN WITH REAL AUDIO – Pat Robertson has advice for owning a haunted house, Tim Wildmon claims Christianity was real close to being criminalized, Jim Bakker and company are elated to think that Jesus will be coming soon, and finally Felicia loses her shit at Pat Robertson talking about daughters on the rag…yeah she gets so, so, so mad.

TIME FOR RANTS – X goes on a tear about the war on Xmas and challenges Mormons (and other Christians) to give their 10% to something that will actually help people instead of church.

Thank you all so much for giving us a listen, please get in touch with us if you have anything you want to discuss with us further or to let us know what you thought of the episode this week. We love hearing from our listeners!

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