Utah Outcasts #89 – #ZionMoat

Monday returns with a strong start as we bring you the current events episode of Utah Outcasts for the week. Come along with X, Felicia, and Kyle as we go over the following show topics:

NEWS YOU MISSEDLots and lots of changes are coming to Utah’s liquor laws…hooray? Melania Trump forgot what it’s like to be broke and how being full of woo is a  privileged position. Word of Faith Fellowship church has some crazy AF rules about marriage and sex.  Tennessee was about to pass a state constitutional change about saying liberty comes from god, thankfully it didn’t pass…but just barely.

THE TRUMP ROUNDUP – We have a completely unhinged president, he was in the middle of probably doing rails of cocaine in Florida this weekend when he decided to rant against Obama AND Schwarzenegger. We then pivot to his address to the joint session of congress.

That’s all until Wednesday when we’ll bring you this week’s features segment for all of you to enjoy. Thank you so much for giving us a listen! Please get in touch with us if you have anything you want to discuss with us further or to let us know what you thought of the episode this week. We love hearing from our listeners!

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