Utah Outcasts #91 – All By Myself

It’s Monday once again and Utah Outcasts is back with a brand new episode for you all to enjoy, except with a twist. On This episode you have X going through this week’s news and current events all by his lonesome. So unless you like hearing Mr. X’s voice the whole damn episode, you’ve been warned.

NEWS YOU MISSED – Oklahoma Trumpist is caught in a Super 8 Hotel with an underage boy, Rep. Steve Fitzgerald doesn’t understand the Streisand effect, The UN conference on Women’s Rights is being visited by extreme right-wing groups as part of the American delegation, the crazy ramblings of a certain Bob Jones (not the one you’re thinking of) say that the giant that is “gulliver” is about to wake…by midterms at the latest.

THE TRUMP ROUNDUP – Fired attorneys all over the place, Roger Stone firmly placing his foot in his ass so he can get it to his mouth, Kellyanne’s conspiratorial microwaves are everywhere, a leaked 2005 tax return, and finally a horribly scathign tweet from McDonalds really says it all.

That’s all until Wednesday when we’ll bring you this week’s features segment for all of you to enjoy. Thank you so much for giving us a listen! Please get in touch with us if you have anything you want to discuss with us further or to let us know what you thought of the episode this week. We love hearing from our listeners!

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OPENING SONGCourtesy of Teknoaxe used with permission
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