Utah Outcasts #9 – and the Skeleton Evangelist

Rested, relaxed, and ready for the week? Good, because we have a wonderful show lined up for you all today. The Outcasts are back and more surly than ever as we change up the format of the show that you all know and love.

The panel this week consisted of Amanda, Felicia, Rhett (our guest), our biggest fan Landon, and your host…me! We talk a bit about our week, THEN we move into the light news and pop culture stuff. After our first break we dive into the heavy heavy news including more than one segment including Pat Robertson, and our fantastically bad governor Gary.

Our big discussion come on the heels of the one-year anniversary of the problems in Ferguson. We get that most of the issues people have against cops are simply unfounded as really most of the world chugs along without incident but we do acknowledge that we aren’t the most likely to be hassled by the outlying cops that do cause violence on the citizens. It’s a great discussion especially as we share our various getting pulled over stories. Finally, to cap off the entire show we had our end-of-the-show features.

Stick around after the end of the show to catch a couple of movie reviews that Kyle wanted to make sure we shared with you all this week. If you wish to get in touch with anyone from the panel, please do so via the following.

Email: UO@PodHell.com
Voicemail/SMS line: 347-669-3377
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OPENING SONG – UNKLE – “Bloodstain”
CLOSING SONG – The – “The Barracuda”

Story Links

Pat Says Leviticus Doesn’t Matter Unless You’re Gay
Scott Lively Can Die In a Fire
Jehova’s Witnesses and Blood Transfusions
Target Trolling
Alien Ovipositors
Having Kids Is Not Good For You
Pharrell and Carl Sagan
Ghimli NOOOO
England Temple Must Pay Taxes
Fox Freaks Out Over Target
Atheism = Terrorism in Saudi Arabia
Pat Advocates Kidnapping

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