Utah Outcasts Secret Patron Show #50 – Witches of the Pentagon

Originally published 26 September 2016. Since it’s now officially past the six month threshold we now present it to you…in all of its dated glory. If you want to hear this content fresh, please consider supporting the show via Patreon.

The original text from Patreon follows below:

Boy, that Jim Bakker, he’s a real piece of work isn’t he? This week we join him on his “buy my buckets of shit” show as he talks to Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis about how terrible the U.S. Government is and how it’s full of witches.

I can’t believe we went as long as we did this episode, but it was a blast picking apart this story piece by piece. Especially the intro line where they’re nonplussed about the Muslim federal judge…then there’s the bit about how the DoD persecutes christians. That’s always good for a laugh.

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