Utah Outcasts Secret Patron Show #56 – The Atheist Delusion Abridged

Holy shit aren’t you all the lucky ducks this week? Not only do you have one hell of a show this week, but now you get to listen to the entire panel…I mean X, Felicia, Kyle, and Geoff, as we go over the entirety of The Atheist Delusion from Ray Comfort and Living Waters Ministries.

The entire episode, over 100 minutes worth of it***, is only for you fine patrons who put in the time and effort to support our show through thick and thin. We sincerely appreciate all that you have done for us over the past year and really hope you enjoy listening to this little bit of extra content we’re throwing your way considering it was your funding that got us here!

***The 100 minutes is only for people who have supported the show via Patreon, otherwise you’ll get only the first 20 minutes of this episode. It may seem harsh or unfair, but please keep in mind that this wasn’t something paid for out of pocket by UO, but something completely funded by our Patrons.

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