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What’s the first thing that you think of when you hear the word Utah? Is it snow? How about mountains? However I’m guessing that you’re thinking of the most populace group of a certain religious group. Well we aren’t them, we’re the real face of Utah. We are the Utah Outcasts, a ragtag bunch of anti-theist, atheist, secular humanists who are trying to bring a bit of sanity back to the state they love that has been bought wholesale by the LDS Church.


On our show we talk about many topics we find interesting, most prevalent being the injustices in the world being brought up by the religious right time and time again. You’ll catch a few descriptions of the unique eccentricities that fall upon us Outcasts living in a veritable theocracy, but don’t be fooled into thinking this show is only for locals as we discuss current events in and out of state, geek news (sometimes), and pretty much just have a good time conversing with each other.

We have a few notable features that we hope brings people back each week, first and foremost is when we pick apart real audio we find of some of the most reprehensible human beings daring to call themselves morally superior to the us atheists. Second would probably be our interviews with those theist or otherwise, in or out of state where the panel doesn’t hesitate to hold someone’s feet to the fire when we ask what they believe and why they believe it. Finally we try ultimately to give you a high point and a low point for us through the week as we’re not just news readers, we’re real people trying to make a community.


  • Xopher – Host and producer of the show. Homebrewer and connoisseur of fine fermented beverages with a penchant for heavy gravity IPAs. Utah transplant with a Southern Baptist upbringing who resides in Clearfield, UT in the dumpster behind Madbrook Donuts.
  • Kyle – Co-host and movie critic with some of the finest non-sequiturs a host could hope for. Author and liberated ex-Mormon hailing from Kaysville.
  • Felicia – A very prolific and very outspoken feminist ex-Catholic with a killer and warranted positive self body image. Coming from the mean streets of Sandy.
  • Geoff – Our latest add to the panel, hails from Utah county and was a hard-right Mormon who worked on Jason Chaffetz campaign but then deconverted and is now a hard-left liberal atheist with a ton of geek knowledge!


Email: Mailbag@UtahOutcasts.com
Voicemail/SMS: 347-669-3377

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