Yes, I’m an Angry Atheist

There are a lot of folks in the atheist movement who seem to have adopted a live and let live attitude towards the people in the world who clutch to their religion like it’s a prized possession and to these folks I feel nothing but anger, because I am one of THOSE anti-religion folks.

The attitude of “meh, not my fight” in my opinion allows evil to grow.

“But X, you’re an atheist you can’t use words like evil!” – Said nobody.

Yes, evil. The same evil that has men in the Middle East to honor kill their family, especially their women. The same evil that has allowed a good segment of American men to have a piece of their bodies removed without their consent all because of a ‘covenant’ that was never made with a man who I’d guess never really existed. I choose men in this regard because I am one of such men, but don’t even get me started on the topic of FGM. Not owning a clitoris or vagina I can only wager a guess at how terrible something like that must feel…shit, I wince in the dentist chair when I get that shot of Novocain and that’s just a little bit of nerve endings.

Why yes, I do hate religion.

Religion is the base of most societal evils in the world. I won’t go into full blame mode because even I know that without religion there would still be bad things happening to good people. I mean look at the Christian go to of Pol Pot and China for proof of mass murder occurring in what should be religion-less countries (yes I know it might be a bit fallacious to make the comparison, I’m just spouting off at the mouth). However, I am perfectly willing to state that without religion there would be no more incidents of clergy raping kids, clergy not helping the downtrodden after ushering everyone else to do so, wasting taxpayer money by essentially subsidizing religion, and the most egregious one of all is giving people the false hope that there is life after this one.

“But X, you can’t claim to know that as truth!” – Said that same nobody.

Yes, you are correct. I have no experience or evidence to say that there definitely is no life after this one…but seeing how we live in a materialistic world and have yet to show that we are nothing more than meat computers encased in bone and sinew as we exist to share our DNA to the next generation and die; you’re right.

8f5549fa-05c7-43de-8b29-a1c5f9cdf0f7-2060x1236 Until I start seeing some evidence to suggest that the consciousness of me continues after I’m dead, I say nope. Again, the apologetic here is that energy can’t ever be destroyed, only converted…yep, you’re right except you’re talking about synapses firing (aka EM energy) and once that power source is done for, guess what other cool energies happen? Oh let’s see there’s a bit of mechanical from releasing of bowels, chemical since we are bags of meat after all, heat from bacterial decomposition just to name a few.

Back to my point.

I’ve lived in Utah for nearly 22 years now, and it breaks my heart to see people limiting themselves on their life experiences because they have a patriarchal religion written by long dead con-men telling them that they can’t because reasons. These same sad people can’t enjoy the robust and wonderful worlds of coffee, beer, and other sinful beverages that make me supremely happy that I get the chance to live. They can’t enjoy the amazing spectrum of sexual pleasures that come from so many other sources than missionary. Seriously I could go on and on about what they’re missing by thinking their reward is in the next life instead of the one they’re living, but remember I should live and let live.

I am a vocal antitheist, if you’ve ever heard or watched the show you should know that I will never stop tilting at the windmill of destroying religion. If I can get one person to embrace the life they’re not living it’ll all be worth it (yes, I see the very distinct contrast between an evangelical doing the same in the opposite direction, it’s called a metaphor yo). When people say that we should let them be happy the way they’re living life, I say shut up because I was that religious kid at one time, thinking I was happy when I was really afraid of the hell I was facing for feeling the lust I satisfied as often as I could, for saying the lord’s name in vain, for not honoring my father and mother, for having sex on Christmas, and so on and so forth. That’s not happiness that’s a beating and it sucks. The amount of joy I feel not being that guy anymore is so much more worthwhile than letting me remain in the blinders.

Anyone who would say that I should stay that way can go fuck right off. I only wish I could have been exposed to more freethinkers and more atheists at an earlier age so I didn’t waste so much time and energy on worthless beliefs. So am I angry, you’re god dammed right I am. You should be too.

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